Pooba Mahalingam

Honorary Director

Ir Pooba Mahalingam is a professional engineer with over 30 years of industrial experience in engineering, construction and manufacturing space related to risk/insurance. He is specialized in engineering, property insurance and risk management aspects. This includes oil and gas installation (on-shore) and power (generation and transmission) related facilities.

He operates from Singapore and serves the region under the “Talent Asia Training & Consulting” banner – conducting risk surveys, training and providing related advisory services. In regards to power related facilities, he has attended various risk locations in Malaysia, Indonesia (PT PLN related) and Brunei (Berakas). He is familiar with hydroelectric, thermal power plants & its related operations. Pooba used to manage technical and complex risks and reinsurance business for an Insurance company in Singapore.  Pooba was the President of the Insurance Law Association, Singapore (ILAS) for three terms and is a regular facilitator (trainer) with SCI, AICLA, MII, IEM and BCAA. Pooba is also a regular presenter at regional workshops, seminars and conferences. He has conducted training and coaching session in various Asian cities and in Dubai, Maldives, Colombo, Mauritius, Shanghai, Nigeria,  and Hong Kong. In the post-pandemic era, Pooba has also conducted virtual surveys and online training for various clients.

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