Actuarial Services

Protect Your Business Performance Through Actuarial Services

Actuarial Services

Opt for W-Safe Actuarial Services

  • Improved operations

    The increase in black swan events and catastrophic losses has insurance companies grappling to maintain market profitability. To address this, the companies need to reform their product prices, build more effective risk models and improve operational efficiency.

  • In-depth risk analysis

    Companies, as a whole, need to test their balance sheets and quantify their risk exposures. And achieving these objectives requires a complex and precise actuarial analysis. At W-Safe, we use various techniques such as market risk, value at risk (VaR), historical simulation (HS), or extreme value theory (EVT) to gauge a portfolio and foresee potential losses incurred through a variety of risks. These include:

    • Credit risk
    • Market risk
    • Model risk
    • Liquidity risk
    • Operational risk
  • Efficient services

    We combine technical knowledge, years of expertise and detailed processes along with wide-ranging commercial and market experience to provide progressive, high quality and flexible advice. We help risk managers estimate the required financial reserves, guiding sales and purchases of various financial assets.

  • Affordable actuarial

    We standardise processes to improve efficiency and eliminate inconsistencies to help you focus on more complicated actuarial tasks required for better decision-making. Our services encourage insurers to expand the scope for their actuarial needs through a team of actuaries at an affordable price, decreasing damage rates and enhancing job satisfaction.

Our actuarial services

We work hand in hand with our clients, giving the in-house team the opportunity to focus on other business priorities. Our services include:

  • Risk modelling.
  • Pricing for new products and markets.
  • Accident rate and premium adequacy analysis.
  • Reserve suitability for known losses analysis.
  • Actuarial advisory during transactions of insurance companies.

Actuarial Services

What you gain from our services

  • Vast domain experience
  • Expertise in geographical and regulatory environments
  • Innovative models
  • In-depth analysis at affordable prices
  • A unique approach to risk management

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