Navigate The Global Retrocession Market Efficiently


Why choose W-Safe for retrocession

  • Unmatched Expertise

    The retrocession market is notably the most complicated in terms of volume and pricing. But rest assured. With our combined expertise in underwriting, technical pricing, and contract capabilities, we will help you get the best of the international retro market.

  • Global Solutions

    We put together structured solutions that protect your capital and elevate your earnings. Our knowledge-driven team supports regional organizations and carries comprehensive solutions for clients across the globe, addressing some of the industry's most pressing issues.

  • Innovative Approach

    Through decades of experience in the industry, W-Safe has established valued relationships with a range of insurance organizations that span the globe. We deliver our solutions through an integrated approach of industry loss warranty, insurance-linked securities, and analytical proficiency.

  • Valued Partnership

    We prioritise equal opportunity and value long-term partnerships built on trust. Fortified through our years of experience and reputation, we offer your organisation flexible and reliable reinsurance that helps you mitigate risk exposure.

Our retrocession products

  • Excess of Loss:

    We help our cedant partners unlock their true potential by covering any losses that exceed a specified limit.

  • Quota Share:

    Diversify and lower your financial risks through the seamless implementation of our treaty retrocession solutions.

  • Aggregate:

    We help you reduce potential liabilities by calculating factors that influence loss experience and demographic trends.

  • Multiple Event:

    We safeguard you against various events that may jeopardise your retrocession treaty.

  • Top-and-drop:

    Bridge the gap between Excess of Loss and Aggregate reinsurance at low costs.


Design and execution

At W-Safe, our team of retro experts delve deep into their market knowledge to obtain insights. They are backed by their modelling and analytical expertise to implement strategic structures that provide efficient, effective, and sustainable solutions for your needs.

What you gain as our partner

  • Global and region-specific covers
  • Customised solutions at a budget
  • Decades of experience to back your risks
  • Quality modelling and underwriting
  • Enhanced performance
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