Leonard Maweu

Manager - Agri., Micro. & Bonds

In a career spanning over 8 years, Leonard is well-versed with the Agriculture re/insurance market across the African, Latin America and Asia markets.

As a qualified Agronomist, with a Bachelor’s degree in Agribusiness Management, Leonard brings all the relevant experience on board for business success – business development, business partner relations, risk management, and analysis of micro and agricultural risks. As part of his continuous learning process, he has undertaken several professional insurance trainings through the years.

He has actively participated in coming up with huge government driven agriculture schemes in Africa and Asia and is always working towards coming up with products aimed at building farmers resilience to climate change. Leonard is passionate and committed in serving the global farming community in projects and programs that boost agricultural productivity for food security and socio-economic development. He is a firm follower of integrity and is always obsessed with success and believes in getting the task done no matter whatever it takes.

tailor-made products best suited for client requirements. He brings all his experience and knowledge in designing and offering agriculture and micro-insurance solutions to all our cedants and brokers.

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