Mitigate The Crippling Effects Of Run-Off With W-Safe


Sell your insurance run-off to W-Safe

  • Experienced underwriters

    Known for our decades of experience and prominence, we offer a value chain and ecosystem that encourages our cedant partners to reach their maximum potential. Our team of experts handle all aspects of financial, actuarial, legal and claims.

  • Flexible acquisition

    Although we procure insurance companies with corporeal assets, shareholders funds or surplus within a specified limit, we may expand our parameters if we think your organisation has potential. The loss reserves may notably vary during the transfer of managing authority.

  • Reliable services

    Our expert insights into the market, financial leverage, and dedicated in-house resources enable us to acquire financial organisations in run-off. We support our offers through a proven track record of successful acquisitions. When you come to us, you can rest assured that we will undertake all your financial liabilities and uphold your business's reputation.

How we evaluate each transaction

Before we delve into a detailed analysis of the acquisition, we undertake a more realistic approach to arrive at a quick decision in theory. This allows us to acknowledge any queries the vendors may have about the transaction, expediting the decision-making process and assuring the deal's reliability. Through this, we also cut down any interruption in the seller's business operations.

During our initial evaluation, we take into account the primary impediment and aim of the transfer. If we think it has a prospect, we draft the set of terms for both the vendor and W-Safe. Our experts then proceed with a more detailed evaluation preceding the final decision.


What you attain by selling to W-Safe

Through a properly structured and managed run-off, you reduce the chances of crippling your business. We help you remove any immediate risk or economic and legal liabilities and offer you a clean withdrawal.

We allow you to focus on your fundamental operations and unlock new avenues at minimised costs. When you sell to us, you can rest assured that you are with a company that has:

  • Unparalleled experience
  • A proven, successful track record
  • Reach across the globe

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