Rajguru K


Rajguru comes with an experience of over two decades in the (re)insurance domain. He has walked the talk and has grown from an individual contributor to an effective leader managing and running profit centre. He has worked in competitive markets and has made inroads into regions like Asia, CIS and East Africa to name a few. He has worked in Lloyds’ environment and has an intricate understanding of effective and profitable underwriting. His leadership brings steady hands at the helm of affairs.

Rajguru is a post graduate in commerce faculty. He is also a Fellow from Insurance Institute of India (III). He continues to upgrade his skills and has an eye for detail. A constant learner with never ending quest to acquire new skills, he firmly believes that learning and development should be an ongoing process. He has been a mentor to many a budding talents in the (re)insurance domain.

Rajguru loves exploring and no surprises that he is a well travelled person. Loves to work towards charity and child welfare.

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